Saturday, March 22, 2008

Medical Sabbatical

Hello fellow hypochondriacs! I just wanted to pop in and apologize for my long absence. I had been intending to write another information-laden post about, of all things, appendix cancer. (Yes, there is such a thing - and a friend of mine was recently diagnosed with it.) But I haven't had enough time and energy recently. (Do you think there's something wrong with me?)

I still want to write about that cancer, but was sidetracked for the entire month of February due to some family issues. Then I was on vacation for two and a half weeks, and have just gotten back into the swing of things. In addition, politics, my other obsession, has been taking up what time I have had for blogging, on my other site, Mauigirl's Meanderings.

I think to get back to my medical calling over here, I will write some shorter posts about recent medical developments before writing the long post. I hope to have something up in the next day or two!

In the meantime, no, that hacking cough you have is NOT lung cancer. It's from the dry heat in your house. Or the pollen that I hear is already blowing around out there despite the fact that every tree in my area is still starkly naked.

Of course, if the cough doesn't go away please do get it checked out...Just because you're a hypochondriac doesn't mean you don't have a fatal disease!